Are you a college student who can't decide whether to live on or off-campus? This is a decision that practically every college student considers when they initially decide to attend college and continues for second and third-year students. While living in a dorm has advantages such as being immersed in campus culture and living with other new students, apartment living ultimately wins out.

Apartment living can offer a different change of pace and amenities that aren’t available in most dorms on campus. While living further away from campus can be an adjustment for some students, learning to live on your own can help prepare students for life in the real world.

Here are some benefits to consider when deciding whether to live in an apartment or a dorm as a college student:

It can be hard to make a space you don’t own feel like home. However, rented properties can be completely transformed to fit your unique style with a few easy tips. Before beginning a new project, always check with your landlord to see if your projects need approval from the property owner.

The idea of meeting new people can be overwhelming and stressful. Approaching new people can be intimidating, especially if you have just moved into a new apartment complex or neighborhood. However, getting to know at least a few of your neighbors can be beneficial for both parties.

Having someone you can rely on that lives near you will make your life much easier when you need someone to water your plants or pet sit while you are out of town. Your neighbors can provide a convenient way to make friends in a new place where you might not know many people. With these simple steps, you will be able to make new friends much easier and in no time at all. Keep in mind that with each of these tips, the best way to meet your neighbor is to introduce yourself naturally.

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