Many people move multiple times in their life, especially college students. Some college students move every year while others have only moved once or twice. If you have not mastered moving out, it can be a very stressful and daunting process. The majority of college apartment leases end in July or August which makes it the most popular time to move out or in. According to moving industry statistics, 60% of people move between the months of May and August. The hottest months of the year are the most common move-out times and we are here to help you beat the heat for your next move.

Here are some tips to help you have a cool and stress-free move!

Make a Plan

If you go into your move unorganized that can cause a great deal of stress and even make the process longer than it should be. You can make notes of when you are planning on moving, your official move-out day, and the order in which you are moving things out. You can set certain days aside for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closets, and living room. Having a plan set before the move will make the process quicker and keep you out of the heat longer.

A major part of your plan should be the packing process. Making sure everything is packed and labeled before move-out day will be a huge help. That way, when it comes time to move boxes from the inside to the outside, it should be as simple as picking up boxes.

Invest In Moving Supplies

We all know physical fitness increases body temperature. During a move, the activity and lifting are, in their own way, exercises. Moving in any weather can cause sweating, increased heart rate, and muscle building just by lifting boxes, walking to and from moving trucks, and for those with stairs, climbing up and down flights of stairs. To decrease the level of physical activity and strain, try getting a dolly for move-in day. This will reduce the amount of lifting exponentially. You can even load the dolly while you are in the air conditioning and all you have to do is roll it to the truck. If you have stairs, try creating an assembly line where someone rolls the dolly to the stairs, and one person takes the boxes to the bottom of the stairs to be loaded onto a new dolly.


Getting rid of clutter beforehand can help with the move-out process. Whether that is cleaning out your fridge or closet, there are many things that need to be done. If you do not think you will be bringing these belongings to another place, throw them out or donate what you can. Keeping up with your apartment throughout the year will be helpful when taking on the moving process. Spring cleaning would be great motivation for some deep cleaning that would help you declutter before your move out in the summer.

Move in the Morning/Evening

This might sound silly to some people, but moving in the morning or evening could be less strain on you because the heat peaks in the middle of the day. Therefore, it is recommended to move before 11 am and after 4 pm since those are peak heat hours. If you do decide to wait until after 4 pm to make your move, it is totally okay to do that in the summer since the sun stays out longer!

Stay Hydrated

Once you get in the hustle and bustle of packing and moving boxes, you can sometimes forget to stop and drink some water. This is so important, especially in the summer heat! You do not want to risk getting a cramp or passing out when lifting heavy boxes. Not only will it be dangerous for you, but it will postpone the move and only make the process longer.

Air Conditioning

Keeping the air conditioning flowing will be really helpful in order to keep you cool during the summer. You might need to turn it down more than usual while you are moving so you do not get too warm from all the movement. Another good tip is to turn the air conditioning on in your new home to make sure to get the air flowing and cool before bringing all your boxes there.


Do not forget to relax! Organizing and spreading out your move will help give you more time to relax. Making sure you are giving yourself time to relax and eat will give you more energy to put towards your move.

How We Can Help!

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